Preventing Damp (and Related Illnesses) In Your Home

Nov 2013

Damp is never a welcome sight in our homes, but in many older buildings, it is unfortunately a common one. Apart from the unpleasant appearance of it, it creates a very unappealing smell, and can cause significant damage to your belongings.

Aside from the housekeeping problems damp can lead to, it can also be detrimental to your health. Mold caused by damp can cause flu-like symptoms, such as nasal blockages and throat pain; while those who are allergic to mold may experience even more serious health issues.

In any event, it’s key to ensure that you spot signs of damp as soon as they occur, so that damage to your belongings and your health stays minimal.

If you’re experiencing damp in your home, here are some measures you can take to reduce it:

Wipe Away Condensation

When moisture collects on windows, it often slides down to rest in the fittings, collecting and sometimes spreading throughout the surrounding wall, leading to damp. Single-glazed windows in older homes are particularly more susceptible to condensation, so it’s always important to wipe moisture away (at least on a daily basis) in these cases. Simply take a dry cloth, wipe, and wring it out into a sink.


A good way of getting moisture out of your home is to let it escape through ventilation. Try to open your windows for a short period, to let some of the humidity. If it’s cold outside and you’re worried about losing temperature, see if your windows have a locked vent setting you can switch them to.

Cover Boiling Pans

Uncovered pans with simmering or boiling liquid inside them obviously produce a lot of steam, which collects on the ceiling and walls of your home in the form of moisture. So, if you’re cooking something, ensure you put a lid on it.

Fix Leaks

It isn’t just condensation which can lead to damp. Broken guttering and leaking pipes can as well. If you notice any breakages in your waterworks, get them fixed as soon as you can to prevent further damage and risk to your well-being.