Morning After Pill

When practising sexual intercourse, it is always vital to employ a reliable contraceptive method which you and your partner are comfortable with. However, there are occasions where couples may be unprepared and not take sufficient precautions beforehand, or where a barrier contraceptive, such as a condom, may fail to function properly.

In these cases, help is available in the form of emergency contraceptives (or the morning after pill). These are tablets which are designed to be taken within the short period following unprotected sex, and can help to prevent pregnancy. They work by mimicking the function of hormones already present in the body, and stopping the release of eggs from the ovary.

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These treatments vary in their application method and, as with any contraceptive pill, they are not 100 per cent guaranteed to prevent pregnancy. They should also not be relied upon to provide contraception on a regular basis – regular contraceptive pills and preventative methods are always preferable. It is also vital to ensure you are not already pregnant before using emergency contraceptives.