This prescription-only product is indicated for use in cases of obesity. It assists patients who might be experiencing weight-related health issues in losing weight as part of a controlled diet programme. It contains the agent orlistat, a lipase inhibitor which works by restricting the activity of two enzymes found in the body’s digestive system. These enzymes, known as gastric and pancreatic lipases, help break down the fats we consume in food and absorb them into the body. However, Xenical, designed to be taken three times a day at mealtimes, prevents these enzymes from absorbing fat, and this fat is instead excreted in faeces.

Obesity can be a tough issue to deal with alone. If you suffer from obesity and are experiencing health issues related to this, then this product may be able to help you as part of a controlled diet and exercise programme. To see if you are eligible to request Xenical on prescription from an EU registered pharmacy, click below to proceed to the online consultation process.

Ensure you disclose your full medical history during consultation. This product is not suitable for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or under the age of 18. A history of liver or kidney disease or dysfunction, thyroid problems or epilepsy may preclude use. Other medical conditions or allergies may also preclude use. This product may compromise the effectiveness of other medications and vice versa, so ensure you tell your prescriber if you are currently taking medication for a related or unrelated condition.

Side effects include gastrointestinal problems such as wind or diarrhoea, headaches, depression, tooth and gum disorders, rectal bleeding, inflammation of the pancreas, liver inflammation, kidney dysfunction, menstrual complications and abdominal pain. The information provided here is not comprehensive. For a full list of side effects, restrictions and safety information, consult the leaflet provided or ask your prescriber. If you become unwell or display signs of an allergic reaction while using this treatment, seek medical advice immediately.

What is included in the price shown on the website?

No Prescription Required

You will be presented with a medical questionnaire written by an Independent EU doctor. Included in the price is a registered EU doctor to review your answers and issue you a valid prescription if you qualify.

Prescription Processing

Once your order has been approved by the doctor, your prescription will be forwarded to an EU  registered pharmacy responsible for dispensing your medication, at your request.

Discreet Secure Packaging

An EU registered pharmacy will dispense your medicines at your request  and ship them in secure plain packaging. All medicines are sealed in tamper proof secure bags.

24/48 Hour delivery – Fully Tracked Secure Delivery

The dispensing pharmacies only use fully tracked couriers.  You will be sent a tracking number once the pharmacy has shipped your medicine so you can track the parcel whilst its on its way to you. All medicines are sent via express service.

Please note that most couriers do not deliver on weekends. All deliveries will require a signature, therefore if you are aware of not being home the next day, please provide an alternative delivery address when placing your order.

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