NuvaRing is a birth control treatment, developed by Organon Laboratories Limited. It is a vaginally inserted ring, which is applied and left in place for 21 days. After a seven day rest period, another ring is inserted, and the process continues in this 28-day cycle. This treatment contains the agents lestradiol and etonogestrel, synthetic hormones designed to perform a similar function to the naturally occurring hormones progesterone and oestrogen. Like other contraceptive treatments, it works by preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs.

This treatment comes with very specific application instructions which should be carefully followed. As with any hormonal contraceptive, this product does not provide 100 per cent guaranteed protection against pregnancy. You should always consider using a barrier contraceptive, such as a condom, as an additional precautionary measure.

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This product is not suitable for everyone. It should not be used by patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or at increased risk of blood clots. Certain conditions or allergies to containing ingredients may preclude use. Disclose your full medical history to your prescribing doctor before purchasing this product. Women may not be able to use this product if they currently suffer or ever have suffered from breast cancer, cancer of the genitals, diabetes, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, jaundice, chloasma, hepatitis, circulation problems, depression, certain blood disorders or any condition which might become worse through hormonal treatment.

Common side effects include breast tenderness, low sex drive, depression, heavy or painful periods, vaginal discomfort, acne, nausea, irritation of the genitals, stomach discomfort and migraines. The information provided here is not comprehensive. Please consult the safety information leaflet for a full list of side effects and restrictions. If you display signs of developing an allergic reaction, a blood clot, depression, a severe migraine, or become otherwise unwell while using this product, consult your doctor immediately. If you have any concerns about inserting this product or any other issues regarding its use and effectiveness, ask your doctor or family planning nurse for advice. Fully acquaint yourself with the safety information leaflet before using this product.

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