Period Delay

Menstruation is an often unvarying fact of life for many women. Periods play an important role in maintaining a premenopausal woman’s biological cycle. However, the time during which a woman experiences her period can often be a painful and uncomfortable one. There may also be times during which the pain and discomfort surrounding a period is simply not convenient – for example, during a holiday or sporting occasion, or during a period of intense study or exams.

Period delay treatments can help to put off your period in these cases. These treatments work by mimicking the action of hormones already present in the body, helping to control and slow down the shedding of womb lining. Treatments such as these can also help to reduce discomfort in those cases where menstruation is leading to particularly strong pain or heavy bleeding.

If you are seeking a period delay treatment, Express Doctor may be able to help.

As with any hormonal treatment, there are a number of risk factors involved. Disclose your full medical history during consultation in order to ensure that you are prescribed a treatment which is safe for you to use. If you are unsure, consult your doctor.