Weight Loss

Obesity is an international epidemic, and has been an increasing problem for a number of years. The health risks associated with being overweight are numerous, with greater susceptibility to diabetes and heart disease being the biggest cause for concern among these.

A person’s ideal weight is determined by their Body Mass Index (BMI), a number which is calculated by using that person’s weight and height measurements: a person is determined to be overweight if their BMI is 25 or above, obese if their BMI is 30 or above, or morbidly obese if 40 or above.

A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen, is the best course of action when trying to lose weight. However, losing weight through strict dieting and exercise alone can be tough, especially for those with a very high BMI.

There are medications available here at Express Doctor which can aid weight loss, and can be taken as part of a healthy diet and exercise program –
Treatment for Weight Loss:
Tenuate Retard


This product is indicated for use in cases of obesity. It assists patients who might be experiencing weight-related health issues in losing weight as part of a controlled diet programme.

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