Paludrine is an anti-malarial tablet treatment. It is manufactured by AstraZenica UK Ltd, and is a preventative treatment, designed taken before travel to a malaria affected region. These tablets contain proguanil hydrochloride, an agent which works by killing malarial parasites and stopping them from reproducing when inside the bloodstream.

If you are intending to travel to a tropical climate and are concerned about malaria, Express Doctor may be able to help you find the preventative treatment you need. To buy Paludrine from a UK registered pharmacy, simply click below to be taken to our online consultation process.

This medication has very specific application instructions which must be carefully followed. Ask your doctor if you are unsure. It is always important to check before travelling whether the types of malaria in the region you are visiting are resistant to antimalarial treatments.

This treatment may not be suitable for everyone. Disclose your full medical history to your prescriber before purchase and use. A doctor may not prescribe this medicine to individuals who are pregnant, breastfeeding, allergic to any containing ingredients, currently taking medication for another illness, elderly, or who suffer from kidney problems or other certain conditions.

Side effects include diarrhoea, constipation, fever, biliary problems, vasculitis, gastric discomfort, skin irritation, mouth ulcers and angioedema. The information provided here is not comprehensive. For a full list of side effects, restrictions and safety information, consult the leaflet or ask your prescriber. If you become unwell or display signs of an allergic reaction while taking this medication, seek immediate medical advice.