Pain Relief Ordering Limit

ATTENTION: Please note that the monthly limitations are per household per month.

ProductPack SizeMaximum Order Per Month
Codeine Phosphate
Codeine Phosphate 15mg28 Tablets8 boxes
Codeine Phosphate 30mg28 Tablets4 boxes
Codeine Phosphate 60mg28 Tablets 2 boxes
Dihydrocodeine 30mg28 Tablets8 boxes
Dihydrocodeine 30mg100 Tablets2 boxes
Dihydrocodeine 30mg228 Tablets1 box
Tramadol 50mg30 Capsules7 boxes
Tramadol 50mg100 Capsules2 boxes
Tramadol 50mg200 Capsules1 boxes
Tramadol 50mg230 Capsules1 boxes
Tramadol Drops10ml Bottle5 Bottles
Zamadol Melt 50mg60 Tablets4 Boxes
Zamadol 150mg28 Tablets2 Boxes
Zamadol 200mg28 Tablets2 Boxes
Zamadol 300mg28 Tablets1 Box
Zamadol 400mg28 Tablets1 Box
Zydol 50mg30 Capsules8 Boxes
Zydol 50mg100 Capsules2 Boxes
Zydol 50mg200 Capsules1 Box
Zydol 50mg230 Capsules1 Box
Zydol Soluble Tabs 50mg20 Tablets12 Boxes
Zydol Soluble Tabs 50mg100 Tablets2 Boxes
Zydol SR 100mg100 Capsules2 Boxes
Zydol SR 150mg60 Capsules1 Box
Zydol SR 200mg60 Capsules1 Box
Zydol XL Tabs 150mg30 Tablets2 Boxes
Zydol XL Tabs 200mg30 Tablets2 Boxes
Zydol XL Tabs 300mg30 Tablets1 Box
Zydol XL Tabs 400mg30 Tablets1 Box
Co-Codamol [UK ONLY]
Co-Codamol Effervescent100 Tablets2 Boxes
Co-Codamol Effervescent200 Tablets1 box
Co-Codamol Effervescent230 Tablets1 box
Co-Codamol100 Tablets2 Boxes
Co-Codamol200 Tablets1 box
Co-Codamol230 Tablets1 box
Co-Dydramol - 10/500mg 100 Tablets2 Boxes
Celebrex 100mg60 Capsules2 Boxes
Celebrex 200mg30 Capsules2 Boxes
Kapake [UK ONLY]
Kapake 30/500mg100 Tablets2 Boxes
Solpadol [UK ONLY]
Solpadol 30/500mg Effervescent100 Tablets2 Boxes
Solpadol 30/500mg100 Caplets2 Boxes
Zapain 30/500mg100 Tablets / Capsules2 boxes
Relpax 40mg6 Tablets3 Boxes
Diclofenac Sodium 50mg84 Tablets6 Boxes
Diclofenac Sodium 75mg28 Tablets2 Boxes
Diclofenac Sodium 100mg28 Tablets2 Boxes
Diclofenac Sodium Suppositories 100mg10 Pieces5 Boxes
Tramacet (Zaldiar) 325mg/37.5mg60 Tablets3 Boxes
Utrogestan 100mg30 Capsules4 Boxes
Utrogestan 200mg15 Capsules4 Boxes
Mabron 100mg60 Tablets2 Boxes
Mabron 150mg60 Tablets1 Box
Mabron 200mg60 Tablets1 Box

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Pharmacy: Natcol
Address: The Office, Britannia Way, Bolton, Lancashire, BL2 2HH, UK
Registration number: 1104545

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