Birth Control

Many couples now use birth control (or contraceptives) when practising sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. In the majority of cases, it is often advisable to use more than one type of contraceptive method to ensure optimal protection – most typically a barrier contraceptive when practising intercourse (such as a condom) combined with an oral contraceptive (the pill).

Most contraceptive pills work by mimicking the action of hormones already present in the body, progesterone and oestrogen. These treatments help to stop the release of eggs from the ovary, and make conditions in the uterus less conducive to egg development. They also work to thicken vaginal fluid, making it harder for sperm to travel inside the womb.

Women should only ever use one type of contraceptive pill at a time. The number of treatments available is vast and wide-ranging, and the effects of each can vary depending on the individual – so it is always important to speak to a healthcare professional and ensure that you are using the one which best suits you and your body.

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