Travel Health

If you are visiting a warm climate on your holidays this year, you will want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience, and keep the risk of potential illnesses to a minimum.


When holidaying in a tropical location, it’s always important to familiarise yourself and your travelling partners with the risks presented by malaria. Once infected with the disease, malaria can pose a serious threat to your health and may even prove fatal, so it is vital to take precautions: ensure you research your holiday location beforehand to check if malaria is present; get yourself and your travelling partners vaccinated; and get to know the symptoms of malaria so you can recognise them early on should they occur.

While on holiday: make sure you apply insect repellent as and where appropriate; stay in air-conditioned accommodation; and take whatever other precautions you can to avoid being bitten.

At Express Doctor, we have a number of prescription treatments available to buy online to help prevent malaria.

Insomnia Treatment

If you suffer from insomnia, sleeping in a hot climate or an unfamiliar location can often aggravate symptoms and lead to sleepless nights. Here at Express Doctor, we have sleep prescription sleep medications available to help, and offer a fully secure online consultation service.

Melatonin (Circadin)

Circadin is a short term insomnia treatment, indicated for patients over the age of 55. It is a prolonged-release tablet containing melatonin, a hormone naturally produced by the human body.

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This medication is a drug used to treat and prevent malaria (or an antimalarial). It contains the agent mefloquine, which works by attacking the parasite responsible for spreading illness (plasmodium) once it has entered the bloodstream after a person has been bitten.

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This medication is a tablet used to treat malaria (also known as an antimalarial drug) and is particularly useful as a preventative treatment for those who are travelling to locations in which the disease is present.

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This medication is a tablet used to treat and prevent certain types of malaria (or an antimalarial drug). It contains the ingredients proguanil hydrochloride and atovaquone.

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