About Us

Welcome to Xpress Doctor! Offering you a secure, confidential Private Prescription Service online. Xpress Doctor prides itself in offering a wide variety of high quality treatments and solutions to personal ailments & issues faced by many patients.   Individual independant Doctors are registered in the EU. Maintaining this registration means we are trusted and held to the highest of standards and ethics, and stand behind our work and medicines.   Why choose us?   Upon the time you contact Xpress Doctor we maintain 100% confidentiality. Therefore, your identity and order is private, safe and secure. Guaranteed!   The dispensing pharmacies are EU regsitered and do not dispense fake or low quality alternatives for medications that are meant to solve problems. The products are 100% authentic.   The professional multilingual staff is friendly and helpful to match our user friendly website to ensure you are able to comfortably request the treatment(s) you need. With guaranteed 24 – 48  hour delivery* that can be tracked.

For any complaints or suggestions please contact customer service at: info@abc-services.com, alternatively, you may phone +44 (0)20 3239 8452   *Please see our delivery page here for accurate timescales on delivery