Q: Are you a safe website to order medication from?

A: Yes, 100%. All the doctors registered on our system are UK GMC or EU registered. This means they work at the highest standards.

Q: What is this medical consultation about and why does other online pharmacy websites not ask any questions when ordering?

A: The medical questionnaire we ask on our website has been written by our doctors. The answer to these questions you fill in are then presented to the doctor and on these answers your electronic prescription maybe generated. On many occasions our doctor declines the order. Because we are a legal service we do not ship out medications like other online pharmacies who may not ask you medical questions. These websites are illegal and your health is at risk ordering from them.

Q: Who will ship my medicines?

A: If your order has been approved by our doctor, a UK registered pharmacy will dispense your medication. You can see one of our partner pharmacies registration details here.

Q: Why do you not sell generic medication when these are much cheaper?

A: We do not sell generic medication because many of them do not legally exist. Our partner pharmacies are UK registered pharmacies and they only buy their medication from reputable wholesalers or directly from the manufacturers themselves such as Pfizer and Lilly. In most cases these medicines are still under patent which means there is no generic version available yet, if a website is selling generic versions then this website is not a legal registered pharmacy or using the services of a legal pharmacy.

Q: How will my medicines be delivered?

A: Your medicines will be packed in a plain box and sealed in a security bag, we will send these out to you using a registered courier  and you will be sent a tracking number on the email address you used when registering on the order form. In most cases we use TNT, DPD or UPS.

Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: No, the price you see on the website and order form is the final price you pay. The price includes consultation with the doctor, the cost of the medicines and also the shipping. There are NO hidden charges.

Q: If the doctor does not approve my order, do I still get charged?

A: No, you do not get charged when you place an order, we only authorise your card first, once the goods have been signed by you we then go ahead and charge it.

Q: Can I return the medicines once I have received them?

A: Under UK law medicines are non refundable and cannot be returned once dispensed by a pharmacy.

Q: What happens if I am not at home to receive the delivery?

A: The delivery company will leave you a card to re-arrange another convenient time, in most cases they simply try again the following day. Once they have tried 3 times the parcel will get returned back to us, after which we will contact you and arrange another suitable time.