Looking After Your Medication on Holiday

May 2014

Going on holiday is something we all like to do, time and funds permitting. A week or two away in a foreign location allows us to escape the daily grind of work, and relax a little.

And while some types of illness may prove troublesome to treat while away on holiday, there are many conditions which can be managed with the use of prescription medication. In cases where a doctor has deemed it appropriate for someone to travel, illness should not get in the way of holiday travel plans.

Taking medication abroad is something which many people do. But it can be easy, when outside of your normal comfort zone or routine, to feel disorientated and neglect to keep tabs on your treatment, making sure it stays in a safe and secure place. With that in mind, here is our guide to looking after your medication while on holiday:

Take Your Paperwork

Although you may only be travelling with medication in small amounts, it is always wise to take your prescription paperwork with you, should customs officers or your airline ask to see it. Additionally, it may also be advisable to get a letter from your doctor, explaining that you are fit to go away and your travelling does not pose a health risk.

Know Where It Is

Always have ready access to your medication and be aware of its whereabouts, should your application time creep up on you.

Don’t Keep It All in One Place

A mistake which many people make is to put all of their medication in their main luggage. Remember if your case gets lost or goes to the wrong place, then you’ll have no access to your treatment. To be safe, split your supply between your luggage and your cabin bag, so you have enough backup to last if your case is delayed.

Protect It From the Elements

Prolonged exposure to the sun, or to wet or cold conditions if you’re on a sporting holiday, may cause damage to your medication. Be sure to keep it tucked away somewhere safe, in a concealed waterproof compartment.

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