Hair Loss

Men of all ages are loosing hair on different areas of their scalp/head. This hair loss can begin gradually in a single area of the head, or it can be active in multiple areas. The problem of men losing hair is attributed to a few different factors; hereditary, hormones, disease or illness, and mechanical damage. In general, the average person does loose hairs on a daily basis. The maximum amount is 100 hairs. Some people have a problem of not regenerating new hair as fast, or at all resulting in hair loss.
The safe and trusted health treatment for Hair Loss is Propecia


This product is indicated for use in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is also prescribed off-label to treat cases of male pattern baldness.

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This product is widely used to treat male pattern baldness by slowing of the rate of hair loss. Studies have shown Propecia to be effective at reducing the hair loss in the scalp region in a large percentage of cases.

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