Staying Cool This Summer

Jul 2014

Enjoying the sunshine (or at least what there is of it) is something we all like to do during this time of year. Whether it’s going to the seaside, visiting family in another part of the country, travelling abroad, or even going to a festival – we all like catching a few rays and making the most of the more hospitable conditions.

But it’s important to keep in mind that very hot conditions can make you unwell, and cause damage to your health too. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are not uncommon for those who might not be used to the warmer conditions, and end up spending more time out in the sun than they should.

Avoiding these sorts of illnesses is all about regulating your body temperature, and making sure you don’t get too hot. Here are four ways you can enjoy the weather, and keep cool:

Drink Water

When we get caught up in the excitement of hot weather and enjoying ourselves, it can be easy to forget the important things – such as drinking water! Keeping your body hydrated will help you to stay at the right temperature, and help to ensure you don’t get dehydrated. If you’re enduring warmer conditions, try to at least drink the recommended minimum of eight glasses a day.

Be Aware of Peak Hours

During the summer, the weather is usually at it’s hottest between the hours of 11am and 3pm each day. Keep this in mind, and try to stay in the shade a little more during these hours, especially if you aren’t accustomed to hotter conditions.

Ventilate Your Room

If you’re staying in a hotel, ensure you stay in a room with air conditioning and open-able windows. This will help you to keep cool, and will also ensure you get a better night’s sleep.

Take Protection

We all know, particularly those more pale among us, that when your skin is subjected to the sun for long periods, it burns. So make sure you take sunscreen with you, everywhere you go on holiday, and apply it as per the instructions.

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