PE and Ways You Can Prevent It

Aug 2014

We’ve all heard of premature ejaculation. However defining the condition in specific terms isn’t easy to do. Everyone has a different idea about how long sex should last for. Some people like their encounters brief, while others like to extend them over a prolonged period.

Usually, PE is determined as being present when the male partner climaxes within one minute of penetrative sex, and well before their partner – on a persistent basis. This situation can be frustrating for couples to endure. As well as hampering the quality of their sex life, it can be awkward to talk about as well.

There are ways you can prevent PE, or lower it’s likelihood of occurring during sex. Here are just four measures you can take to help you last longer between the sheets:

Endurance Condoms

Barrier contraception can help. If you’re doing it without a condom, then you’re more likely to ejaculate sooner, as your penis is exposed and more sensitive to your partner’s vagina. As well as providing a desensitising layer, there are condoms available on the market which contain numbing agents, such as lidocaine, which can help the penis to be less sensitive and allow the wearer to ‘go’ for longer.

‘Tactical’ Masturbation

If you’ve seen the Inbetweeners, you’ll know what this is. However, truth be told, masturbating a few hours before sex can help you to stave off ejaculation during intercourse.

Emla Cream

Although it is typically used to provide dermal anaesthesia to those about to undergo a minor skin procedure, it is sometimes issued off-label to treat premature ejaculation. Again, it contains numbing agents, which, when applied to the penis, can help to delay ejaculation, and allow for longer sex.


Perhaps the most fun way to combat premature ejaculation is engage in some sexual training with your partner. Techniques, which include asking your partner to stimulate your penis through masturbation then stopping just before you reach the point of ejaculation, can help you get used to lasting longer. Similarly, asking your partner to go on top, then pull away just as ejaculation is about to occur, can help too.

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