Never Forget to Take Your Medication Again

Aug 2014

Medicine is something which we all rely on from time to time. Whereas some of us will only use it sporadically when we suffer from an infection or require immediate pain relief, others may need to use it over a prolonged period – particularly if it is for a chronic condition.

Upon finding out that you need to take medicine on a regular basis, it might seem like an inconvenient prospect. But taking treatment for your condition can improve your quality of life if you suffer from a chronic illness, and help you to recover from acute illnesses.

Getting into the routine of using medicine can be hard – so here are four simple steps to help you ensure you never forget to take it:

Get a Calendar

Buy a planner, or a calendar, and mark what medication you need to take on which day, along with times and doses. Once you’ve done that, put it somewhere you’re bound to see it every day, such as on your kitchen fridge, or on the bathroom door.

Take it With Food

If your medication can be taken with food, a good way of remembering to take it can be to do so with a meal. You’re much more likely to take it on a regular basis, or at particular times, if it coincides with a regular meal.

Set a Reminder on Your Phone

When you’re out and about or at work, it can be easy to become distracted and forget about your medication. Setting an alarmed reminder on your phone or your watch can help you. Just make sure it’s loud enough, and that it will still vibrate if you set it to silent.

Use a Repeat Prescription Service

Remembering to take your medication is one thing. Ensuring you have enough and that you don’t run out is another. Take advantage of your pharmacy’s repeat prescription service if it has one, so that you don’t have to run around getting pieces of paper signed, and getting your pharmacy to order your treatment in just as about you’re about to run out.

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