How to Lose Weight in the Office

Jul 2013

How to Lose Weight in the Office

Working out – we all mean to do it, but finding the time is never easy. If we’re working long hours, it can be hard to squeeze in a training session, as well as expensive funding a gym membership.

Luckily, there are ways you can shed the pounds without spending hours at your local fitness centre. All it takes is a bit of tactical thinking, and common sense. Adjusting how you go about your daily chores in the office can help you to lose weight, as well as keep fit:

Take the Stairs

If you work in a block with more than one story, skip the lift and take the stairs instead. Climbing stairs is an excellent workout. But don’t wear yourself out – if you’re really out of shape and find yourself out of breath after a couple of flights, make sure you stop for a few seconds and have a rest.

Be Tactical With Your Commute

Get off the bus a few stops early, and give yourself a chance to walk a little extra distance. Or, if you drive to work, try parking in the space furthest away from your building, so you get a little exercise between your car and the entrance.

Talk to People in Person

For the sake of convenience, it can be easy to rely on our phones or email to get in touch with someone on the other side of the office or in a different room. But if you want to exercise a little more, get into the habit of getting out of your chair and going to speak to your colleagues in person.

Drink Water When You Feel Hungry

Keeping yourself hydrated at work will help you to feel less hungry, and make you less susceptible to choosing larger portions at lunchtime.

Healthy Grazing

The vending machine might just be a stone’s throw away, but that’s no reason to quell your appetite with unhealthy snacks such as crisps and chocolate bars. If you’re going to snack, choose something healthy, such as fruit. Or, if your workplace vending facilities are limited, take a box of healthy nuts and seeds or dried fruit with you to graze on while you work.

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