How to Eat Better Without Going on a Diet

Mar 2014

With summer just around the corner, many of us will be thinking about our holidays – and how we’re going to look on our photos, beach- or pool-side. For some, this time of year usually sees a mad scramble to lose a few pounds, so we can squeeze into those swimming trunks, or look great in that bikini.

But once you’ve decided you want to shed a little weight, which diet plan do you pick? There are so many, and while some are drastic and promise results, others seem bizarre and may not fit in with your lifestyle.

There are, of course, ways you can lose weight without dieting. Regular exercise is one. Another is to employ better eating habits. Losing weight gradually can be easy if you know how to eat right. Here are just a few tips to help you lose a few pounds without resorting to a drastic diet plan:

Eat Little and Often

It can be easy, particularly if you’re putting extra hours in at work, to get into the mind-set of eating just one or two large meals a day. However, doing this will make your body hold onto the fat you do consume for longer, making it harder to burn off. Eating four or five smaller meals a day instead can help your body to get into the swing of burning off calories.

Don’t Eat Late at Night

Eating a large meal shortly before you go to bed is a no-no, whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. Going to bed on a full stomach will not give your body the time it needs to process and burn off the fat you’ve just eaten.

Cook With Fresh Produce

Ready meals and pre-prepared foods can often contain preservatives and extra chemicals your body doesn’t really need. If you want to be kind to your body, and help it process food better, try to cook your own meals from scratch where possible, using fresh meat and ingredients.

Be Aware of Your GDA

We’re not suggesting you spend hours comparing the back of packets in the supermarket, but simply checking out the saturated fat content of the food in your basket can change your attitude to food exponentially, and help you eat smarter.

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