Handy Hints to Help You Recover from Cold Sores

Apr 2014

They’re something we could all do without – cold sores. They only ever seem to spring up when we need them the least. Although they’re caused by a virus which can lie dormant in our systems, called HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), they are usually reactivated during times of overwork, exhaustion, or when our immune systems are weakened.

The key to recovering from cold sores is to take measures as soon as you feel one emerging. Leaving it too late can often result in the blister becoming larger and even more unsightly. With that in mind, here is our brief guide to recovering from cold sores, to help you get over them in the quickest and most efficient manner possible:


The first thing you should do is find treatment. Catching your cold sore early can make the difference between days and weeks. Treatments such as Zovirax contain antiviral agents which are very effective at clearing up cold sores. You can buy these from your local chemist in person, but you can also buy them from a number of trusted online pharmacies.


Sometimes reactivation can occur when we’re feeling tired or run down. So, address your sleeping pattern. If you aren’t getting enough shut-eye at night, change things around so that you are. Block out any noises and lights which might be keeping you awake, and ensure your bed is comfortable.

Avoid Further Infection

Remember that a cold sore remerging is a sign that your immune system is weakened. Something that you should certainly avoid is putting yourself at risk of further infection. So if someone you know is recovering from cold or flu, keep your distance until your body’s defences are back to normal.

Keep the Area Clean

Further infection to the area can result if you fail to keep the area clean. So make sure you’re drinking from clean glasses, and using clean utensils to eat from. Also ensure you clean your eating and drinking implements thoroughly after use, so that you don’t risk passing the infection on to the other people in your household.

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