Fun Ideas for Keeping Fit

Oct 2013

Exercise isn’t something many of us associate with having a good time. For those of us who don’t go to the gym or hit the track on a regular basis, exercise can look like a lot of… well, effort.

But keeping fit is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. Particularly if you spend a lot of your day sitting stationary at a desk, it’s important to exercise where possible – to help keep your limbs and joints supple, and maintain healthy circulation.

So, how can you make the whole process of exercising more appealing? How can you make keeping fit a more enjoyable thing to do? Here are some really easy ways you can put your body to work, but have fun at the same time:


Think of a team or individual sport you enjoyed at school, then look for opportunities or clubs in your local area. This could be joining a community netball or hockey team, or just enjoying a kick about down the park with some friends. If you’re not into team activities, a particularly great individual sport for improving cardiovascular conditioning is tennis (or, if you want to start off with something a little less intense, badminton).

Dance Classes

Again, have a look at what’s on offer in your local community. Zumba is a great way to keep fit, meet other people and have a good time, and there are classes springing up all over the country. Salsa also provides a good workout, as it exercises the back and hips, and classes and clubs are pretty common.


If you want to work out from the comfort of your own home, the Wii Fit package is a great invention, and can be bought fairly cheaply. As well as providing a host of aerobic and balance exercises, it will also monitor your progress and help you set yourself manageable goals.

Incentivise Yourself

Set yourself a target (be it a specific weight or BMI you want to reach, or a lap time), and give yourself a gift when you achieve it. This will help to make your programme easier to stick to (and make you hate working past that pain barrier a little bit less!).