Coping With Tonsillitis: Do’s and Don’ts

Jun 2014

Those who have suffered with tonsillitis will know that the condition is no picnic. As well causing a great deal of pain, the illness makes it tough to eat and swallow, and can also hinder a sufferer’s ability to communicate. The weakened state of the body which leads to the condition may also leave a sufferer feeling constantly tired and drowsy.

Getting over tonsillitis is something the body normally does within a relatively short space of time. But how you handle the illness can make a big difference to just how quickly you recover. Here are some tips on how to ensure you get over the illness as soon as possible:

Do: Gargle Salt Water

It’s good to try and limit the spread of bacteria in your throat, and you can do this by gargling salt water. Simply fill a cup with boiling water, stir in half a teaspoon of salt and allow it to cool. When it has cooled sufficiently enough, gargle it at the back of your mouth. Try to do this around twice a day.

Don’t Eat Sharp, Irritating Foods

Avoid anything which might exacerbate feelings of pain. This means crisps, or any brittle foods which might break off into shards and cause you problems.

Do: Seek Advice and Treatment

Your doctor may be able to issue you with treatment to help you overcome your infection, such as antibiotics, or even suggest a type of pain relief to help you.

Don’t: Compromise Your Immune System

This type of infection thrives in those who are suffering with a weakened immune system. So try not to do anything which compromises yours further. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep, and aren’t consuming toxins such as coffee or alcohol.

Do: Get Plenty of Rest

Tonsillitis can often occur because we’re feeling run-down. Take time off work if you need to, so that your body can rebuild it’s strength and sufficiently recover.

Don’t: Suffer In Silence

You shouldn’t wait for your infection to clear up by itself. Doing so will only prolong your pain and discomfort. Seek help and treatment as soon as you think you might be falling ill.

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