Cold and Flu: Simple Home Remedies

Nov 2013

Weather certainly plays a big part when it comes to cold and flu. When we’re spending time out in the cold, our body’s temperatures are generally lower, our immune systems might have to work a little harder, and infection can often strike when we’re weak.

Another contributing factor which many people forget about when it comes to cold and flu is tiredness. When we’re working hard and feeling run-down, this can also weaken our immunity and make us more susceptible to viruses.

There are prescription medications you can take to help you get over flu quicker, such as Tami Flu, and there are also vaccinations against many strains available now – you can get these by talking your doctor.

But there are a number of simple, yet often-overlooked home remedies, which can help chase colds and flu away:

Fruit Tea

Caffeine is out of the question when you’ve come down with an infection. Coffee and strong tea can dampen the effects of your immune system and make infection harder for your body to fight off. When you’re under the weather, fruit teas such as peppermint, or blackcurrant and ginseng can help you clear your sinuses and get you on the road to recovery.


Nothing warms you up like a bowl of hot soup. Fatty, sugary foods will only make your body work harder, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to get over a cold. Soups are easy for your body to cope with and absorb nutrients from, and chicken soup in particular is a great source of easily-digestible protein.

Cover Up

To recover from your illness, you’ll need to keep your body temperature above a certain level. Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you should be wandering around half-dressed! Make sure you’ve got enough clothes on, and wrap yourself in a warm blanket where possible.

Aromatic Bath

Steam from a hot bath can do wonders when it comes to lifting mucus from your airways, and soothing flu-related aches and pains. Aromatic muscle soaks and bubble-bath products will help to clear you blocked sinuses.