Menopausal Disorders

The menopause (or change of life) most commonly occurs in women in their early 50s. During this time, a woman’s ovaries will stop producing and releasing eggs, meaning that she will no longer have periods on a monthly basis, and that she will no longer be able to get pregnant.

Also, because of these biological changes, the body will experience a fall in oestrogen and progesterone levels. When the levels of these hormones decrease, a number of physical and emotional fluctuations can result. These can range from osteoporosis, loss of libido (hypoactive sexual desire disorder), hot flushes or stress incontinence.

A hormone replacement therapy (or HRT) programme can help to manage symptoms related to falling hormone levels during the menopause. If you are currently undergoing the menopause and are experiencing symptoms such as these, Express Doctor may be able to help you find the treatment you need.

Please be aware that there are a number of risk factors associated with HRT. You should always consult a qualified medical practitioner, and fully inform them of your complete medical history, to ensure that you receive a treatment programme which is suitable and safe for you to use.

Intrinsa Patches (at the moment not available)

Intrinsa Patches contain testosterone, and are used to treat low sex drive or HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder) in female patients who have undergone complete womb and ovary removal surgery.

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This product is a capsule used as part of a hormone replacement therapy programme (HRT). It contains progesterone, which is a vital component in maintaining the female body’s hormonal balance.

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