Beginner’s Guide to Quitting Smoking

Jul 2014

Giving up smoking isn’t easy. Those of us who tried it, know it first-hand. Those of us who have had a loved one or family member try to give up have likely experienced their share of difficulty too! Not only is smoking addictive, but it still has an apparent presence in our everyday culture, and can be quite tough to get away from.

Although stopping is hard, it’s always worth persevering. Those who manage to successfully quit will notice the benefits, not only to their health, but to other aspects of their lives too. People who give up will often state that food tastes better now that they don’t smoke, and that their bank balances are healthier too!

So, if you’re looking to kick the habit, here is our starter guide to help you on your way:

The Three Day Hump

Many people say that the body experiences the most physical withdrawal within the first three days. So, in theory, if you can get over the first three days of quitting without giving in, you’ve already won half the fight. After that, it’s just a case of managing feelings of temptation.

You’re in Control

Don’t listen to other smokers. They’ve likely tried to quit themselves, and haven’t succeeded. Their failed experiences of quitting aren’t going to motivate you. Remember that stopping smoking starts and finishes with you.

Remove the Temptation

If you think you may be more susceptible to the pressures of smoking when you’re in a particular situation, then don’t put yourself in it. Don’t go and stand outside with the other smokers during lunchtime at work, because then you’ll be more likely to give in. Smoking and alcohol also go hand-in-hand, so if you think you might cave in to temptation after a few drinks, limit your alcohol intake.

Talk to Your Doctor

Those who have trouble giving up can always see their doctor for help. They can provide you with helpful advice, and in some cases prescribe a course of stop smoking treatment, such as Champix, to help you overcome feelings of withdrawal. If you need help, get a consultation today.

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