5 Ways You Can Help Your Body Tackle Chronic Pain

Jun 2014

Pain is something which nobody likes having to deal with, whether it’s on a short or a long-term basis. There are a number of conditions which can cause chronic pain, such as arthritis, but this type of pain can induced by injuries too.

It’s important if you’re suffering from persistent pain to visit a doctor. They may be able to treat your pain by first determining the condition causing it, and then medicating or referring you for specialist treatment for that condition.

In some cases, particularly those where over-the-counter pain relief is proving ineffective, they may be able to prescribe prescription medication such as co-codamol to help reduce discomfort.

But there are other ways, besides medication, in which you can fight feelings of pain. Some of these are simple lifestyle choices you can make, which you might not have considered, but can make a world of difference:

Get Some Vitamin D

Many studies have found that those with higher levels of vitamin D in their system require less medicinal relief when it comes to treating chronic pain – suggesting that those who have healthy levels of the vitamin have an increased pain tolerance. So if you’re suffering from chronic pain, take a look at your diet, or speak to your doctor about supplements.


Lack of sleep can increase the intensity of chronic pain – particularly muscle and back pain. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, have a think about what might be causing it. Ensure your bed is comfortable, and that you aren’t being exposed to lights or noises in the night which might be keeping you awake.

Reduce Stress

Anxiety and stress play big parts in exacerbating feelings of chronic pain. If you’re under pressure at work, or aren’t getting enough time to wind down, speak to your employer and try to ease your workload.

Light Exercise

Although many think that exercise is the worst thing you can do when suffering with chronic pain, many studies have found that those who undertake light exercise on a regular basis have a higher tolerance.

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