4 Ways You Can Fight Hair Loss

Aug 2014

Going bald isn’t something which many men like to face. In fact, losing your hair can have a serious impact in your self-esteem. However, while you may feel self-conscious about your hair, you should know that around a third of all men experience male pattern baldness of some kind before the age of 30 – and even more by the time they reach 40. So if you are losing your hair, you aren’t alone.

While some people embrace hair loss and go the whole hog by shaving their head, others might be more reluctant to rock the streamlined look. There have been numerous ‘miracle’ tonics marketed over the years, with limited levels of success. But is there really a way you can slow down, or even stop hair loss?

You’ll be glad to know that yes, there is. Here is our four-step guide to slowing down hair loss:

Reduce Stress

Anxiety and stress play a key part in hair loss. We know it can be a vicious cycle – worrying about your hair so much that it starts to fall out quicker – but try to reduce or eliminate those factors in your life causing you stress. If you’re working a lot of overtime, talk to your manager. If a living situation is taking it’s toll on your patience, address the problem and try to resolve it.

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

The hair needs nutrients and vitamins to thrive, so it is vital to ensure that you’re getting everything you need through a balanced diet. Ensure you’re eating enough protein, and vegetables, so that your hair doesn’t suffer.

Keep it Short

Hair is more prone to falling out when it is longer, or scraped back into a pony. Keep it short, and you’ll help to keep it strong and looking fuller.

Talk to Your Doctor

Prescription medication, such as Propecia, and products such as Regaine can help you slow down or stop hair loss, and even help you to regrow the hairs which have gone. If you’re concerned and want to try medication, speak to your doctor to see if these products are suitable for you.

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