4 Easy Ways You Can Eat Healthily and Cheaply

Jul 2014

There are few things we like to do more in summer than strip down to our swim suits and head out to the beach to catch some sun, or go for a dip. But while some of us might be eager to show off our bodies while away on vacation, others might be looking for a way to shed a couple of pounds before we take the plunge and invest in a new bikini or pair or trunks.

When it comes to adopting a healthy eating or exercise regimen, there are a number of factors which might discourage us or get in the way. We might not have the time to work out, or be going through a tough financial patch. But luckily, help is at hand. Below we’ve taken the liberty of listing four very easy approaches to food which can improve your waistline and keep your wallet healthy too:

Cook in Bulk

It’s always better to make meals in bulk rather than spend money on ingredients for numerous smaller dishes, if you’re trying to save. A stew, or a pasta sauce, can keep for days in the fridge, or even weeks in the freezer. It’s also better for your health, as with dinner already cooked you won’t be as prone to indulging in snacks or fast food. Which brings us nicely to the following point.

Avoid the Takeaway

As well as being expensive, takeaways tend to be quite liberal with their use of salt, oil and fat. They might taste great, but home-cooked food can too. If you’re trying to trying to save cash, cook more at home.

Plan Your Meals

If you don’t know what you’re having, you’re more likely to opt for something which isn’t as good for you out of convenience, or because you’re having a craving. Plan your meals wherever possible, so you aren’t as susceptible to impulse buys.

Do a Weekly Shop

Your local metro supermarket might be convenient, but they can be pricey, limited and likely won’t have all the ingredients you need to make a really healthy meal. Try to do a weekly shop. Visit your butcher, your greengrocer and your fishmonger, so that you can lay your hands on fresh produce.

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