3 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Health and Save Money

Jul 2014

When many of us think about improving our fitness or going on a diet programme, we might be put off by the amount of investment such regimes demand. The prospect of spending hours at the gym or taking more time when shopping at the supermarket to select healthy goods might make us think we just don’t have time.

And then there’s the monetary aspect. Gym memberships aren’t cheap, and healthier options tend to be the more expensive when grocery shopping.

But improving your lifestyle needn’t always be a costly affair. There are ways you can make yourself healthier and actually save money. Here are just three:

Quit Smoking

We all know about the dangers of smoking. It can cause circulation problems, aggravate conditions like bronchitis, and even lead to cancer and heart disease. It’s notoriously difficult to give up, with many people turning to prescription stop smoking treatments for assistance. But if that wasn’t enough and you need an added incentive to quit, think about the cost of this habit on your finances. A 20 a day habit will set you back as much as £70 a week, so if you’re looking to improve your health, and your finances, give it up.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

Although drinking is a much more common and socially acceptable habit than smoking is, it can still be harmful to your health when done to excess. And let’s not discount the cost of it either. The price of drinks is one thing. The spending you might do when you’ve had a few and gotten a little carried away is another. One way to control your finances, and improve your overall health, is to know your limits. When you feel like you’ve had enough and one more might tip you over the edge, call it a night.

Stay In Control When Eating Out

Many of us will admit to ordering too much when we go out for dinner. After all, if you’re paying for the privilege of eating out, you don’t want to go hungry. But being self conscious about leaving good on the plate can lead to you eating more than you should. If you want to ease the pressure on your body, and your purse strings, try ordering just a main, with a light starter or side to accompany it.

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