Pain Medication Policy

Tramadol & co – what you need to know

Please note the following when ordering any medication in the category “Pain Relief”

1. There is a monthly (30 days not calendar month) limit on all medicine in this category please see pain relief ordering limit

2. Any order placed within the allowed cycle will be cancelled, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Please be aware that if you have ordered on another website in the meantime and the delivery has taken place from the dispensing pharmacy this will be logged and also count to your allowed monthly limit.

4. If you are in doubt as to when and how much you will be allowed to order please either mail customer service or call 020 3239 8452 (local rate) ALWAYS give your last order number or surname.

5. The ordering person must use her/his own credit/debit card for payment.

6. Any placed order that is paid by a card holder other than the ordering person will be cancelled, the credit/debit card authorisation/pre-charge will be also cancelled immediately and the amount “freed up”

7. The billing address on the payment card must match the shipping address unless this is a place of work, holiday address etc. in this case the shipping address would be “C/O mr./mrs.cardholder”

8.Please realise that there is a very widespread “pain medication dependancy” or addiction, Therefore the pharmacy policy is very strict and very rigourus in following guidelines, this is for your own safety.

9. IT IS NEVER PERSONAL WHEN AN ORDER IS DECLINED, please contact customer service if you are in doubt, they are there to help and assist you.

10. If you feel something could be added here please mail customer service.